Coating Inspections

We offer different aspect of coating inspections on a variety of surface structures. All types of corrosion defense, like bridge, dock, pipeline, oil tanks, iron constructions. Inspection according to the client’s specification. 


Survey Loading Inspections

We offer a variety of loading inspections.

  • Pipelines
  • Cables
  • etc.

Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional inspection is also called dimensional measurement. When dimensional measurement is required, the results must be both accurate and precise.


E/I Inspections

Functional testing. Temperature sensor, Communication equipment etc.


Insulation Inspection

Pipeline insulation systems.


Remote Inspection

We can offer remote services on all our inspections. We use smartgoggles and the client can follow the inspection on site, from wherever he is in the world. The smartgoggles gives us a god opportunity to have a two way communication during the whole, or parts of the inspection.