Inspection Services

FROSIO-certified inspectors can verify that the coating and insulation on your structure is well performed and stays intact.

Coating and Insulation

We offer third party inspections:

  • Ensure that the customer’s specification for quality is acquired, and state that the product is in accordance  with the specification.
  • Document control.
  • Assess how suitable the specification is according to the area of use.
  • Design reports and documentation.
  • Represent clients in meetings with sub-vendors.
  • Delivers FROSIO certified personnel for both coating and insulation (level 3).
  • Supervision of personnel performing surface treatment work/tasks.
  • HSE follow-up of the project.
  • Develop inspection test plan for project.


We offer testing within the coating industry, both inhouse testing and field testing.

Examples of testing: 

  • Visual evaluation of surface cleanliness.
  • Surface roughness of blasted surface.
  • Presence of dust.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Salt contamination test.
  • Wet film measurement of coating thickness.
  • Measurement of coating thickness non-magnetic substrates.
  • Measurement of coating thickness amplitude-sensitive eddy-current method.
  • Adhesion/Pull-off test.
  • Evaluation of degradation of coatings.
  • Holiday detection.

Survey Loading

Our team consists of experienced surveyors and former maritime officers. We offer impartial and professional services related to the scope and condition of the cargo. We ensure that the safety requirements are always observed and adheres to the law, accreditation schemes, as well as company and industry standards.

We are happy to assist clients with cargo operational supervision and load master tasks.

We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Cargo Quantity And Quality Control
  • Container Loading / Unloading Surveys
  • Cargo Damage Inspection / Adjusting
  • Sworn Measurers & Weighers
  • Cargo Chocking And Lashing Surveys
  • Container Inspections & On / Off Hire Surveys
  • High Value, Sensitive, Bulky & Heavy Cargo Surveys

I/E Inspection

Examples of inspection responsibilities:

  • Issues the relevant Quality Records.
  • Verify item identification.
  • Documents deviations and issue punch-list.
  • Performs visual inspections, dimensional test.
  • Performs tests of continuity, insulation resistance.
  • Functional testing of instruments.
  • Checks fiber optic cable.
  • Performs test communication functionalities.
  • Witness testing, conformity check according to QC plan.
  • Control procedures and equipment to be used in tests.

Industrial HSE/Safety Management

We offer planning, implementing and overseeing company’s employee safety at work. The main duty is to ensure that the company is in complience and adheres to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.


Welding CSWIP 3.0, visual inspection.

We offer welding quality control with weld measurements, practical inspection and reporting, and the typical welding inspection documentation and requirements to assess their compliance with specified acceptance criteria.

Carry out inspection of parent materials and consumables.

Monitor and examination of the fusion welding processes to identify typical weld defects and to use the correct corrective action if needed. Verify and control types of steel (including carbon-manganese, low alloy and stainless steels), the hardening of steels, weldability, heat treatment, and parent metal defects.

Witness, the testing of parent metals and welds, and destructive and non-destructive test techniques.

Monitor/witness procedure approval ( WPQ, pWPS and WPS) codes and standards, and an outline of safe working practices.